Macquarie Data Centres Top 10 Moments of FY23

July 17 2023, by Macquarie Data Centres | Category: Data Centres
Macquarie Data Centres Top 10 Moments of FY23

And that’s a wrap on Australia’s 2023 Financial Year. We’ve been crunching the numbers and reflecting on everything we achieved these past 12 months. From big upgrades to our data centres to new certifications and a visit from one very important guest – it’s been a big year for Macquarie Data Centres.

What are the top 10 things we’re most proud of?

1. Raised $160 million in fresh capital.

We secured a $160 million capital raise from investors who were eager to bring to life our ambitious expansion plans for our next phase of data centre growth. The funding will support strategic investments that continue to grow our capacity & support the new wave of AI hyperscalers.

2. Scaled the hyperscalers.

We are home to many of the world’s leading hyperscalers and this year we have dialed up our support to help these hyperscalers grow their Australian footprint. From rolling in new racks to securing additional capacity we know what it takes to support the world’s biggest tech companies.

3. Supercharged our Sydney Data Centre campuses.

We completed a multi-million dollar set of upgrades to both our Sydney CBD & Macquarie Park Data Centre Campuses which significantly increased our power load and further improved our operational efficiency and resiliency for all our customers. The project included power upgrades, increased rack capacity and the expansion of our ultra secure zones, allowing us to offer tailored capacity to meet the needs of our customers, as they use more data-intensive workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI).

4. Zero MTI’s & LTI’s.

Over 40,000 man-hours hours went into our site expansions, upgrades and new builds in FY23, and we didn’t have one single onsite injury. This continues our outstanding track record for Zero Lost Time Injury (LTI) or any Medical Treatment Injuries (MTI) and proves how safety is embedded in everything we do.

5. Revamped Sydney’s first ever data centre.

We extended the lifespan of Sydney’s first-ever commercially operated data centre to offer extended continuity to our clients while simultaneously saving hundreds of tons of metal going to landfill. The upgrades made to our Sydney CBD data centre, IC1, include improving cooling power resiliency and replacing breakers and fire systems, and were all done without any disturbance to our customers. Whilst similarly aged data centres are closing down across Sydney, our dedication to high-quality upkeep, regular maintenance, and strategic upgrades mean we can continue to fulfil our customers’ needs.

6. Maintained a 23-year track record for 100% uptime.

We upheld our unwavering 23-year track record for 100% uptime across all our facilities. This was no easy feat given the complexity of the projects we undertook this year. Many of which were completed in and around critical infrastructure and operational data centre halls.

7. Pioneered the Liquid Cooling movement in Australia.

We engineered and optimised our data centre to support the next generation of cooling technology, Liquid Cooling. Compared to traditional air-cooling methods, this cutting-edge technology uses less electricity and allows for higher-density racks with lower latency. We designed and built a custom environment, complete with a dedicated Tier III-compliant chilled water supply and UPS-backed electrical supply, to accommodate new liquid cooling technology at our Macquarie Park Data Centre campus with secured caging around it. All completed in a matter of months to get our customer up and running in record speed.

8. Had a visit from Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese (and plenty of selfies).

The Prime Minister paid a visit to the Macquarie Technology Group’s HQ to see firsthand all the great work we do keeping 42% of the Federal Governments’ data safe and secure. We’ve been a long-standing partner to the Australian government and the Honorable Anthony Albanese is one of the many Australian Prime Ministers and MPs to visit our facilities over the years.

9. First again – VMware Sovereign Cloud Certified.

Macquarie Technology Group became one of the first companies in Australia to be ‘Certified Strategic’ by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) for both Cloud and Data Centre services. Having a sovereign cloud powered by a sovereign data centre is what allows us to give our customers true data sovereignty. It means our services protect customers against changing regulations, increased security threats and geopolitical uncertainty.

10. Got a round of applause for our outstanding operations team.

Our operations team made the shortlist for ‘Data Center Operations Team of the Year’ in Data Center Worlds Global Awards. The award recognised the outstanding teamwork and operational excellence of our data centres operations team.

It’s been a big year.

FY23 was a big one, but we’re only just getting started. We’ve got even bigger plans for FY24. Watch this space…

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Macquarie Data Centres is Australia’s most trusted data centre provider. They house and protect the data for the world’s biggest hyperscalers, Global Fortune 500 companies and 42% of the Australian Federal Government. Part of the ASX-listed Macquarie Technology Group, they have been successfully building and operating data centres in Australia for over 20 years. Macquarie Data Centres currently owns and operates three data centres campuses, two in Sydney and one in Canberra, all of which are Certified Strategic by the Australian Government. Offering the confidence of a 100% uptime guarantee, their Tier III data centres provide the highest levels of security, sovereignty, service and compliance for their customers.

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