Tier III Certified Data Centres.

Australia’s longest running track record for uptime.

Our data centres meet or exceed the Uptime Institute Tier III Certification to offer you the confidence of 100% Uptime.

Always On, Always Reliable.

All our data centres are Tier III Design and Facility Certified by the Uptime Institute to offer our customers peace of mind that their IT infrastructure is hosted in a facility that offers unmatched reliability and performance.

With multiple independent power and cooling paths, our Tier III Data Center meet or exceed the strict criteria for redundancy and fault tolerance, ensuring your critical systems stay up and running 24/7/365.

See why we’re Australia’s most trusted data centre provider.

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We’re a Tier III Plus Operator.

Our data centres go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ IT systems and mission-critical environments have 100% uptime. We meet or exceed all Tier 3 criteria, and our critical systems, including power supply and electrical distribution meet Tier IV criteria.

Our Data Centres ensure concurrent maintainability and there are no shutdowns for equipment replacement or maintenance. We have redundant delivery paths for power and cooling so we can offer fault intolerance service for your mission-critical infrastructure.

The Uptime Institute.

The Uptime Institute certifications are the global standard for data center design and operational plans. They outline the performance objective results certified data centres must uphold.

This design ensures that every component supporting IT operations can be maintained or replaced without impacting business operations. It’s all about ensuring systems run smoothly, no matter what.

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Secure. Sovereign. Compliant.

We’re Australia’s longest running data centre provider. We’ve maintained 100% uptime across all our facilities for over 23 years.

Our big box ticks all of yours

We don’t just meet the benchmarks in our industry. We set them.

Our experts stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in global security and compliance so our clients don’t have to.