Engineered for AI.

Our AI data centres are purpose-built to run your high-density compute. From our flexible design to our track record of operational excellence, we are the sovereign data centre experts for AI and Hyperscale workloads.

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High Density Solutions

We can provide ultra-high-density power and cooling for your AI and Cloud infrastructure.

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We are flexible to the core, from our commercial offerings to our design. We can provide custom environments for you to train and deploy high-density AI workloads, no matter how complex your architecture infrastructure.

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Advanced Cooling

We support the latest in innovative air and liquid cooling technology. From direct-to-chip and Immersion cooling, we can provide tailored environments to meet your specific requirements

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Future Proofed Design

Thanks to our industry leading flexibility our data centre can scale fast and quickly adapt to any new technology being introduced on the market. We can meet your needs today and well into the future.

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Sovereignty and Compliance

We are 100% Australian-owned and operated. Our sovereign data centres are part of the nation's critical infrastructure and are Certified Strategic by the Australian Federal Government.

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A Sovereign Data Centre Campus in Sydney’s Strategic North Zone.

Our 63MW flagship Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus is designed to meet the high-density requirements of Hyperscale, Cloud and AI customers. The campus has seamless integration between our two, soon to be three, biggest data centres, IC2, IC3 East and IC3 Super West.

The sovereign campus combines efficient use of space, scalability and, most importantly, security in a well-architected and interconnected facility. Our facilities and tailored customer enclosures are certified to the most stringent Australian and international standards.

The Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus is in the heart of Australia’s technology district and a short 15-minute drive north of the Sydney CBD.

Our big box ticks all of yours.

Our data centres are purpose built to support AI and ML workloads.

We can provide custom solutions for any reference architecture, even if it’s submerged in liquid.

See how we became one of the first data centres in Australia to support liquid cooling when built a customised new environment to support our cloud customers immersion cooling tanks. 

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