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Rethink reliability for your business-critical applications with Australia's most trusted colocation partner.

Our trusted colocation solutions are built to protect and secure your mission-critical IT infrastructure. Find out why Macquarie Data Centres are trusted by over 42% of the Australian Federal Government.

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Your business can’t grow and accelerate without a reliable IT infrastructure that is protected and interconnected. Macquarie Data Centres’ solutions are tailored to provide the flexibility and reliability your business requires.

We are uniquely placed and by partnering with Macquaire Data Centres, you not only get world-leading data centre and colocation facilities, but you also benefit from over 30 years of experience as a leader in the Australian technology, telecommunications and Government industries.

Supported by 200+ engineers security cleared to government standards we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality 24x7x365 operations and remote hands support.

Colocation Designed for You.

Certified & Compliant

Secure, sovereign and compliant colocation services, benchmarked to meet the highest technical and operational standards.

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24/7 Physical Security

We’ve created an environment featuring the highest levels of security with strictly disciplined, but sensible access control.

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Scalable & Flexible

As your business grows, so do we. Expand your IT environment in our energy-efficient Australian data centres with industry-leading PUE’s.

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Reliable & Resilient

We have a robust ecosystem that supports connections to your existing partner network, with no limits.

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Australian Locations

We are located in key Australian cities and tier-one hubs with access to existing network infrastructure.

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Tried & Tested

We have an NPS rating of +86 and our colocation services are trusted by some of the world’s largest companies.

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Not all Colocation Data Centres are created equal.

Our Colocation eBook will provide guidance and helpful tips on how to select a colocation facility that will help to free time, reduce capital expenditure while helping to redeploy talent to more important projects.

We’re committed to your success.

When issues arise, they’re often technical and urgent. It’s why we’re on-site 24/7, with 24x7x365 hands & feet and engineering support to perform tasks on your racks at your request, any time, day or night.

Our on-site Network Operations Centre, and Hosting Management Centre together with our professional services team recognise that an investment of this size is a partnership, and you can trust that we are just as committed to the success of your business as you are.

Our colocation solutions connect securely and seamlessly with inhouse, Hybrid, Private and Public Clouds options so you can retain control and enjoy agreed monthly billing, even as your design evolves over time.

Proudly Carrier Neutral.

We recognize the critical role of connectivity in driving your business’s success.

Our unwavering commitment to being carrier-neutral ensures that our customers have access to a vast network of over 700 data centres and network providers. This empowers them with unparalleled flexibility and the freedom to choose the options that perfectly align with their unique requirements.

Custom Colocation Services.

We’ve designed our data centres with flexibility in mind. Bring your own tailor-made blueprints or custom reference architecture and we’ll replicate your design.

Scalability and Flexibility


We offer flexible height, depth and width in our racks, because we know not all equipment is created equal.

Fitted power icon


We have standard power allocations, but if you need a custom design like direct 3 phase power for high-density computing it’s no problem.

Fitted Cables icon


Custom copper or fibre connections just the way you want, and make use of our redundant and diverse meet-me-rooms to connect to the outside world.

Fitted Cages icon


Cages securely keep unauthorised individuals at safe distance, but if that’s not enough you can request your own room or suite with slab-to-slab walls.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Colocation is an industry that specialises in providing an extremely secure environment for data, hardware and access to network connectivity. It allows businesses to interact with customers all over the world, storing their financial and personal data in a safeguarded area. A data colocation facility offers the space, energy, bandwidth, cooling services and security for each client’s server.

colocation center sometimes referred to as a carrier hotel, is a data centre service where businesses store computing information, equipment and bandwidth. Colocation offers a streamlined approach to physical security for the business servers and other telecommunication tools.

Not all carrier hotels are designed or maintained with the same level of industry expertise. Unfortunately, 82% of Australian businesses lost data in 2019 while another 75% couldn’t recover their data after performing a system-wide backup. As a result, many industries are collocating their infrastructure through multi-technology design from specialists who efficiently provide smart storage and engineering breakthroughs at scale

Australian colocation centres deliver more reliability than an in-house data centre by building extra protection from threats like power loss and network disturbances. Off-site data storage also provides more physical security.

The concurrent maintainability means Macquarie Data Centres offers infrastructure such as Sydney’s IC2 Enterprise-Scaled Data Centre, where power remains at 100%, with cooling uptime service-level guarantees and a user-friendly portal to easily navigate any questions.

An estimated 70% of Australian IT budgets are eaten up by the costs of maintaining data in-house, which is not only bad for business but also bad for the environment. Australia has 40,000 data centres that use nearly 4% of the country’s energy, and the majority are small to medium carrier hotels that struggle to provide real scale, professional levels of efficiency and on-site staffing.

Macquarie Data Centres offers businesses with a Tier III Data Centre that is 80% more efficient than any energy-gobbling, in-house data housing. While energy use has fallen during the last decade in Australia, the cost of power has doubled for commercial users.

The team at Macquarie Data Centres are comprised of Australian NV1 certified engineers who are on site 24 hours a day, unlike many data centre collocations companies, where engineers are just on-call.

A data centre is a physical facility used to store important data and applications. Formed together with firewalls, servers, routers, and much more. Its design is of a network of computing and storage, enabling data to be shared.

Colocation facilities are like server hosting. A server is assigned to a sole business, but this server is the organisation’s own equipment, which means security is of a higher standard in colocation data centres like Macquarie.

Colocation from Macquarie Data Centres is provided with the highest levels of security. In 2019, 31% of all Australian businesses experienced an information breach. Nearly half recognised their data is at risk after the new mandatory breach reporting laws took effect. Macquarie Data Centres have built a complete Defence-in-Depth protocol that protects data from threats in a holistic capacity.

colocation space typically has many clients that can include large organisations (like the Australian government) to small businesses (like a local real estate firm). The business brings its IT technology to the data centre colocation facility, where it’s given power and kept cool. Clients manage the design and management of the IT technology, but the team at Macquarie Data Centres ensure the data is well-protected from risk.

  • Cabinets – A cabinet is a fastening space that holds a server rack. In data centres with multiple clients, the servers within the cabinets are often kept together on an increased floor area with other clients and may share power and cooling tools.
  • Cages – A cage is a server within a typical raised-floor data centre, but it’s encircled with mesh walls and protected by a locked door. Cages may share energy and cooling infrastructure among customers.
  • Suites – A suite is a private server area located in a raised data centre colocation facility. It’s surrounded by heavy partitions and a secured door. Suites can share power and cooling tools with other data centre clients, but many choose to have this infrastructure provided separately.


Threats to private data are evolving, and in response, Macquarie Data Centres deliver physical security to ensure defences against intrusion. Its 10-point model prevents intrusions, stops targeted attacks and scans for vulnerabilities, with total compliance to the ISO, PCI, ASIO T4 and ISM standards.

  • Anti-Virus
  • Certifications and Compliance
  • Firewalling and Design
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Micro-Segmentation
  • Patching, Updates, Rights and Versioning
  • People, Process and Policies Fuel the Colocation Space
  • Physical Security
  • Secure Backup and Disaster Recovery Design
  • Secure Connectivity

Tier III Certified.

Our colocation data centres have been designed to efficiently utilise space while allowing ample room for growth in a secure and comfortable facility. Our sovereign colocation services are secure and compliant to the highest operational and technical thresholds. Protecting data is paramount at all Macquarie Data Centres, across our sites in Sydney and Canberra, making us the most certified data centre colocation facility in.

42% of all Australian Federal Government Agencies trust Macquarie Data Centres, as do many Fortune 500 companies.

Securing data and protecting the cloud is our priority, and we are continually looking for ways to improve digital security. Cloud computing is an attractive option for many Australian businesses because of its low cost. The shift from prepaid Capital Expenditure expenses to a continuing Operational Expenditure strategy continues to grow.

However different workloads and assets, such as apps, weren’t created for use in the cloud. Colocation data centres can help any business meet these changes over time with ease and minimal additional investment.

Macquarie Data Centres are unequalled in offering colocation services. Our IC1 Sydney Campus, Macquarie Park Data Centres Campus, and our Canberra Campus provide convenient access for any Australian organisation. If you would like to learn more about Macquarie’s colocation spaces, book a tour of a Data Centre or call us at 1800 004 943 today.