Sydney’s Best Data Centres:
Cloud-connected & Built for Scale.

Strategically placed in Sydney’s major innovation clusters, including the premium north zone, our cutting-edge data centre campuses are built for scale and are fully compatible with your cloud infrastructure.

Sydney Data Centre Map.

Sydney CBD and Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus.

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Colocation-ready data centres in the heart of Sydney.

Macquarie Data Centres are Australia’s most certified data centre operator. We’ve been delivering colocation solutions for over 20 years and hold the nation’s longest running track record for 100% Uptime.

Our Sydney data centres are conveniently placed and easily accessible for our Hyperscale, Enterprise and Government customers.

Our Sydney Data Centres.

Our 63MW flagship campus located in Sydney’s premium north zone catering to Hyperscale, Cloud and AI customers.

Our first ever data centre, serving our legacy customers in the heart of Sydney’s city centre.

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Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus.

Our flagship data centre campus purpose built for hyperscalers, enterprise and government.

Our 63MW flagship Data Centre Campus is designed to meet the high-density requirements of hyperscale, cloud and AI customers. The campus has seamless integration between our two, soon to be three, biggest data centres, IC2, IC3 East and IC3 Super West.

The 63MW campus combines efficient use of space, scalability and, most importantly, security in a well-architected and interconnected facility. Our facilities and tailored customer enclosures are certified to the most stringent Australian and international standards. 

The Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus is in the heart of Australia’s technology district and a short 15-minute drive north of the Sydney CBD. 

Our big box ticks all of yours.

We don’t just meet the benchmarks in our industry. We set them.

Our experts stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in global security and compliance so our clients don’t have to.

International Coverage.

If you’re a multinational or global organisation in need of expansion, ensure that you choose to host your data-driven operations in prime locations around Australia. Our Sydney and Canberra Data Centres are strategically positioned to help you leverage the best data solutions that Australia has to offer. Situated in prime locations, including the premium Sydney North Zone, hosting your data driven operations with Macquarie Data Centres will give you the edge you need to make the most of a rapidly growing market.

Globe America

Our data centres are purpose-built to meet the most stringent global standards and certifications. Find out why choosing Macquarie Data Centres is the right choice.

Globe APAC

Australia is a viable choice for Singaporeans choosing to securely host their IT infrastructure. We offer dedicated data centres and support for Singapore Enterprises.

Globe Europe

If you’re a United Kingdom-based business looking to build on your international expansion, our Australian-based data centre might be a benefit.

Services we offer in Sydney.

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Hyperscale Data Centres: Cloud and Enterprise Ready.

Our Hyperscale Data Centres are the ideal choice for any multinational looking to expand into Australian shores.

Our world-class facilities are purpose-built to support even the most demanding business and enterprise requirements for speed, reliability and scale.

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Leading Edge Colocation Solutions in Australia.

We provide specialised colocation services to empower your data-driven business or organisation.

As Australia’s most recommended colocation provider, our facilities are home to countless Australian Federal Government entities and Fortune 500 companies, so we’ve designed our data centres with flexibility in mind.

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Evaluating Trust and Excellence in Data Centre and Colocation Operations Checklist.

Macquarie Data Centres have developed this comprehensive checklist to help you better understand and evaluate these critical relationships.

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Intellicentre Interconnects.

DCCC (Data Centre Cross Connect) provides customers with the ability to establish a secure, high-speed layer 3 IP network link between their hosting environments in different Intellicentres.

Speeds from 100Mbps to 1Gpbs are offered, with Dual Access High Availability offered as an option to customers requiring link redundancy.

Layer 3 DCCC is available in all our Intellicentres.

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