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We empower an intelligent and connected world by providing the foundation for the digital economy.

The diversity and strength of our team are fundamental to our success. And together we are committed to helping our customers achieve excellence in their business and that’s why we are provide exceptional service and are trusted by some of the world’s leading brands.

About the Group.

Macquarie Data Centres is a member of Macquarie Telecom Group, founded in 1992 and the first Telecommunications provider in Australia to offer vendor neutral data center services.

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The Macquarie Data Centres leadership team and Board of Directors bring years of experience in technology, infrastructure management, cloud expansion and site selection.

David Hirst, Group Executive

David Hirst

Group Executive

James Veness, Vice President Sales

James Veness

Vice President Sales

Paul Christensen

Operations and Security

Prayna Prasad, Head of Marketing

Prayna Prasad

Head of Marketing

For media and public relations enquiries,

contact Prayna Prasad.