Multinationals Entering Into Australia.

Multinationals in safe hands on Australian shores.

As a multinational corporation, looking offshore to partner with a data centre operator is a huge (and rewarding!) move so you really want to be in the safest hands.

There’s no denying that data is growing exponentially worldwide placing a huge demand on data centre facilities to step up and boost not only capacity but their security and protection capabilities and standards.

At Macquarie Data Centres, we have demonstrated time and time again our ability to deliver infrastructure to meet and exceed that rapid growth.

Our client base is colourful, ranging from recognised global Top 10 tech giants, hyperscalers and international multinational corporations looking for an Australian home, through to enterprise and SME Australia and Federal and State Government agencies.

Canberra Data Centre Racks

Our credentials are your peace of mind.

Fiercely dedicated to being Australia’s most certified data centre business, we now sit among a small, elite group of operators to be Certified Strategic under the Australian Government’s new Framework.

Our highly-accredited certifications resonate nicely with our local and international customer base. 42% of Federal Government agencies use Macquarie Data Centres including Tier 1 agencies like the ATO (Australian Tax Office) and Defence, as well as the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Department of Agriculture.

We grow with you.

We know the trends, we live and breathe the market, so rest assured we recognise that relentless growth continues to be forecast for the data space. As you grow, expand and thrive, we are right there with you.

As a fully Australian-owned and controlled ASX 200 company, our future is solely committed to the highest possible protection and security of data, digital networks and systems.

In FY2021 alone we invested over $200 million to construct new secure data centres in Sydney and Canberra. Our newly unveiled global scale data centre at our Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus in Sydney is set to be one of the most certified facilities in the region. Intellicentre 3 Super West will be designed, constructed and operated to meet the highly specialised and unique needs of corporate, government and multinational clients.

With the future of our clients always at the forefront of what we do, we have also committed to investing a further $200 million in FY2023, including the creation of a new Cyber Security Centre of Excellence in Sydney.

It is our client relationships that create success.

Our 20-year pedigree of providing secure, sovereign, and compliant data centre and colocation services has earned the trust of a high-profile client base featuring Fortune 500 companies, large multinationals and the Australian Federal Government.

We foster and celebrate strong relationships through nurturing and supporting our clients every step of the way, from the consultation and design phase right through to the daily operation of data hosting.

We see protecting your highly sensitive and confidential information as a unique collaboration.

Our clients also have access to a team of 200+ engineers security cleared to government standards, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Their remote hands and feet on the ground mean you can easily deploy projects without having to be physically in the country.

If you’re considering site selection or cloud expansion into the Asia Pacific regionMacquarie Data Centres boast a suite of tailored solutions for all your global infrastructure management requirements. We can customise any design for your needs today and accommodate your growth for tomorrow.

Our Intellicentres.

IC1 Racks


Located in Sydney’s Central Business District & adjacent to major public transport services. Highly secure & reliable environment.

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Ic2 building image


Located 15 minutes north of Sydney’s central business district and located within Sydney’s largest technology corridor.

IC2 and IC3 image


Offering large-scale whitespace and technology. Adjacent to IC2, IC3 is one of the most cutting-edge data centres’ in the nation.

Canberra Data Centre Racks


Located in Australia’s capital city, Canberra, and supporting the Federal Government’s gateway consolidation program.

IC5 Bunker - Data Centre Campus


Opened in Dec 2020, IC5 is a new facility built for the Government within the existing Macquarie Canberra Data Centre Campus.