We’re proudly carrier neutral and
deeply interconnected.

From Dark Fiber to our high-performance dedicated internet, our data centres offer Hyperscalers, Enterprise and Governments connectivity solution to accommodate their unique needs.

We have fast, reliable connections to the world’s major clouds, industries, and innovation hubs.

Our data centres are connected to hundreds of data centres around the world to offer you unparalleled interconnectivity. From Asia to Europe and the United States, our Australian Data Centres offer you a secure and reliable option for expanding your footprint in Australia.

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Intellicentre Interconnects.

DCCC (Data Centre Cross Connect) provides customers with the ability to establish a secure, high-speed layer 3 IP network link between their hosting environments in different Intellicentres.

Speeds from 100Mbps to 1Gpbs are offered, with Dual Access High Availability offered as an option to customers requiring link redundancy.

Layer 3 DCCC is available in all our Intellicentres.

Data Centre Interconnect.

DCI (Data Centre Interconnect) provides customers with the ability to establish a secure, high-speed layer 2 Ethernet link between their hosting environments.

Speeds from 1Gbps to 10Gbps are offered, with Dual Access High Availability offered as an option to customers requiring link redundancy.

Layer 2 DCI is available in our IC1, IC2 and IC3 data centres.


We're flexible fibre providers.

Dark Fibre.

We’re flexible with fibre providers.

Dark fibre provides customers with the ability to establish secure, private and highly available point-to-point links between their data centre and any other location that is covered by the dark fibre network.

We are carrier agnostic; we will happily work with your current provider to haul in dark fibre and terminate this in your racks. Chances are they’re already connected with us – all the major telco’s have a presence in our Intellicentres.

We’re a Fibreconx connected data centre.

Our Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus is connected to the Fibreconx dark fibre ring network, connecting data centres across Sydney with pre-provisioned capacity and diverse paths between data centres.

Cross Connects.

Cross Connect cabling enables tenants to establish duplex circuits between racks located over facility managed structured cabling.  Cross Connects are ordered by customers for connection to carrier services and may also be ordered for connections between customers and between carriers.

Cable types supported include:

Cross connects can be established between racks within the same Intellicentre, or seamlessly between Intellicentres within the same campus (e.g. between IC2 and IC3).

Services requiring Federal Government security classification are installed in secure dedicated conduits compliant with the Federal Government’s ACSC cabling requirements.

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The Macquarie Hosting Internet Service provides a high performance, dedicated Internet connection tailored for business, content providers and government customers, with choices of port and access bandwidths up to 10Gbps.

The Internet Service is delivered on a congestion-free, carrier-grade backbone with multiple redundant, high-speed interconnections to Australian Tier 1 content providers and the World Wide Web. Our network backbone uses 10Gbps Ethernet transmission infrastructure that is route-optimised and load-balanced to maximise throughput and performance of your business internet traffic.

Included as standard is DDOS protection.  This means volumetric DDOS attacks won’t consume your internet port bandwidth.

Trust in business is subtle and qualitative.

Trust in data centre operations and colocation services is essential.

The Ecosystem of Trust is a complex equation. Read our guide to understand how you should be defining trust in a data centre partnership.
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What we also offer.

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Desktop to Data Centre​

We’re a full service carrier with the highest NPS performance of any telecommunications provider in Australia.

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Connect your branch offices to your data centre with our award winning SD-WAN platform.

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Enterprise Ethernet

by Macquarie Telecom. We’re ready to help you.

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End To End Solutions

Our consultants can design and deploy full end to end connectivity solutions using the latest technology.