International Coverage.

Our Sovereign data centres offer you a footprint in Australia with fast, reliable, direct connections to the worlds major innovation hubs.

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Aiding global conglomerates in their expansion ambitions, our services are tailored to ensure multinational companies find a seamless gateway for data centres in Australia.

Our sovereign data centres are strategically situated in prime locations, including the prestigious Sydney North Zone and have all the right certifications to help international businesses make the most of a rapidly growing market.

Offering International connectivity to the
places you need it most.

Reasons to expand your footprint into Australia with Macquarie Data Centres.

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Reduced latency supported by hands and feet operations on the ground.

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Located in Australia’s premium Sydney North Zone.

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Meet Compliance with Australian standards.

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Achieve Data Sovereignty requirements.

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Access our 200+ Government cleared engineers.

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Leverage Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) Solutions.

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Our sovereign data centres support 42% of the Australian Federal Government.

With direct connectivity to the Governments ICON network and the support of our 200+ Government cleared engineers, our data centres offer you a complaint, sovereign solution to do business with the Australian Federal Government.

Our big box ticks all of yours.

We don’t just meet the benchmarks in our industry. We set them.

Our experts stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in global security and compliance so our clients don’t have to.

We house and protect the data for Australia’s most critical industries.

Our sovereign data centres are designed to be secure and complaint enough to serve customers in Australia’s most regulated industries. With connectivity to industry specific networks such as ICON and AARNET, we provide customers with the reliable backbone they need to succeed.

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