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March 18 2020, by David Hirst | Category: Data Centres

Coronavirus update, COVID-19 update, business continuity plan

As the COVID-19 situation continues to change rapidly around the world, Macquarie Data Centres will release advice to our customers on our business operations.

With cases of COVID-19 increasing in Australia we’ve been closely monitoring the outbreak and have put precautionary plans in place to protect employees, customers and our ability to deliver key business functions.

Macquarie is continuing to implement measures to mitigate potential risks to both business continuity and to those personnel who access our data centres and offices.

We have established the following data centre specific entrance guidelines as follows:

  • Consistent with Government guidance, we ask that customers and contractors isolate themselves and do not seek to access to any of our data centres if they have arrived in Australia within the past 14 days.
  • Zero touch body temperate checks will be implemented for all persons who access our Intellicentre’s. This will be conducted on entry to the facility. A temperature reading that exceeds 37.3 degrees will be refused entry to the site for a period of 14 days.
  • If personnel are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms or are aware of being exposed to another person who has been tested positive to coronavirus in the past 14 days, they should also not seek access to our Intellicentre’s.
  • Customers are encouraged to leverage our Intellihands service for light touch duties by raising a ticket with the HMC rather than sending staff to site to perform simple tasks.
  • Hand sanitizers have been placed at the security check in and at other areas around the facility, we encourage your teams to utilise these whilst onsite.
  • All visitors are encouraged to practice elevated levels of personal hygiene while in the data centre’s.
  • Leverage the guidance provided by the Australian Government and ensuring our own staff follow this and the above guidelines.

In parallel with the above precautions, we continue to ready ourselves as the virus escalates.  These precautions include:

    • Additional cleans, above and beyond our regular daily cleans are being conducted daily at all Intellicentre’s.
    • Identifying non-core activities and minimising human contact at our data centres;
    • Engaging critical vendors and partners to ensure supplies and services continue to be provided or are on standby in the case of a long-term event; and
    • Where appropriate we have divided critical Data Centre operational groups into separate teams so as to significantly reduce the risk of a critical operations team being fully compromised. We will leverage our multiple offices and data centres across Australia to support the above separation and impact minimisation.
    • Further with all Macquarie employees located in Australia, we do not have any staff (including engineers, leadership and head office staff) offshore.
    • We have prepared an Emergency response plan in the event that a COVID-19 case is reported on premise.

If Macquarie can provide you, or your organisation, any support through this period we encourage you to contact us.

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