Macquarie Data Centres completes major upgrades to Sydney and Canberra Campuses

June 8 2023, by Macquarie Data Centres | Category: Data Centres
Macquarie Data Centres completes major upgrades to Sydney and Canberra Campuses | Macquarie Data Centres

Upgrades include the addition of two further ultra-secure zones and reflect the company’s ongoing investment in capability, capacity and security.

Macquarie Data Centres, part of Macquarie Technology Group (ASX: MAQ), today announced it has completed major upgrades to its Data Centre Campuses in Sydney and Canberra, helping government and enterprise customers expand their capacity and improve security posture and compliance.

The multi-million dollar project includes the addition of two further ultra-secure zones to their Sydney and Canberra campuses plus significant power upgrades and increased operational efficiency to support new and existing customer growth.

The two further ultra-secure zones have been added to the fully sovereign provider’s data centres and meet the requirements of the highest levels of the Australian Federal Government’s Protective Security Policy Framework. The framework considers both the physical and cyber security standards which underpin Macquarie Data Centres operations.

The upgrades also increased rack capacity and expanded other secure zones in their campuses across Sydney and Canberra, all of which are ready for occupancy. This will help customers plan for additional capacity as they use more data-intensive workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI).

“These upgrades give our local and international customers the capacity they need to scale their businesses and expand their Australian footprint,” said David Hirst, Group Executive, Macquarie Data Centres.

Current data centre customers include 42 per cent of Commonwealth Government, the world’s biggest hyperscalers and large multinationals.

“Capacity planning is one of the key issues organisations face when making data centre investments – whether they’ll have sufficient runway to scale for the data demands that will impact them over time,” said Hirst. “They need expert colocation partners that understand not just capacity, but the related security, compliance, and sovereignty considerations. This investment is a testament to our ability to be that trusted partner.”

These major projects were undertaken in operational data centre halls and were completed within 6 months without any outages or disturbances to Macquarie Data Centres’s existing customers. The project was completed ahead of time, under budget, and importantly, with Zero Lost Time Injury (LTI) or any Medical Treatment Injuries (MTI) continuing Macquarie Data Centre’s outstanding track record for safety.

“Anyone who works in the data centre industry will know the level of planning, expertise and collaboration needed to undertake a project of this magnitude,” said Gavin Kawalsky, Head of Projects. “The project’s success is down to our team’s tireless work, expertise and experience.”

These upgrades to Macquarie’s Data Centre Campus located in the Sydney North zone come ahead of the construction of its largest data centre, IC3 Super West.

It also follows Macquarie’s parent recent name change to Macquarie Technology Group, representing its evolution from telco to a complete digital infrastructure technology business focusing on data centres, cloud and cyber security.

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