If you’re a UK-based business looking to build on your international expansion, you may wish to explore storing your Cloud infrastructure in an Australian-based data centre.

Data centres in Australia provide an integrated solution for your network expansion, providing some of the most secure, efficient, and flexible hosting available. For any business wanting to target the Asia-Pacific region or the Australian market, opting for data centre operators in Australia can boost your competitiveness and provide greater data sovereignty.

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One of the biggest benefits of moving to an Australian data centre is that facilities – such as our data centre in Sydney – are some of the world’s most certified data centres featuring state-of-the-art equipment and the strictest compliance protocols to significantly reduce the risk of data breaches.

Australia and the Asia-Pacific have experienced unprecedented growth of cloud adoption. Any UK-based business or individual wanting to meet their demand with a world-class data centre can contact our team of experts and enjoy the perks of a top-performing economy in a world-recognized competitive country.

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    Our data centers are purpose-built to meet stringent global enterprise. Find out why choosing Macquarie Data Centres is the right choice.

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  • Singapore.

    Australia is a viable choice for Singaporeans choosing to securely host their IT infrastructure. We offer dedicated data centres and support for Singapore Enterprises.

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UK Coverage FAQs.

There are several secure and reliable top-tier data centres throughout Australia, particularly on the nation’s east coast. We have data centres across Sydney & Canberra, in the heart of Australia’s IT and government communications network hubs. These facilities include micro and hyperscale data centres as well as colocation centres enabling you to manage your existing infrastructure without the cost of running your own data centre.

Our 5 sovereign data centres are available for use and ready to enable new business opportunities in the booming Australian/Asia Pacific marketplace.

Yes, you can use an Australian data centre if you are located in the UK.

The technical advantage of Cloud computing is that it’s a global framework which can be utilized anywhere in the world. Hosting your Cloud infrastructure in an Australian data centre is an option if you want to penetrate the Australian or broader Asia-Pacific market, or simply need a highly secure hub to house your critical data and equipment.

The advantage of choosing data centre operators in Australia is that it provides you with one of the most highly-skilled workforces in the IT & engineering field, a high concentration of multinationals and access to the booming Asian market, and a world-class environment boasting the latest in tech and security.

Choosing an Aus-based data centre means you are receiving a globally interconnected platform that extends to the Asia-Pacific including that of India, China, and South Korea – all of which are experiencing rapid growth due to unprecedented cloud adoption.

By tapping into an Australian data centre, you are giving your business widespread leverage to deliver your services where you need it. Discover all our Australian data centre locations here.

Macquarie Data Centres offer 24/7 support to both local and offshore businesses. For those in the UK, you can enjoy peace of mind with our round the clock tech support which includes a dedicated international toll-free hotline and an online chat tool for help whenever you need it.
We recognise that your investment signals complete trust and partnership in our service, so you can have faith that we are committed to the success of your business by providing 24/7 support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our onsite hosting management centre and Macquarie Hub are here to perform tasks or check on your racks at your request at any time, day or night.

Alongside our dedicated support team, you will also benefit from our complete intruder resistant system which includes:

  • 20-metre offset from all boundaries, with a high perimeter fence
  • Car-trap at the gate
  • Two secure loading docks
  • 24×7 secure reception monitored via CCTV
  • Three-factor authentication including biometric scanning

And because we operate our own sovereign data centres, we can customise any design to suit the scaling of your infrastructure. Enjoy the privacy and control of a private suite or an entire hall along with your preferred security measures such as electronic locks or slab to slab walls.