Australia is a viable choice for Singaporeans choosing to securely host their IT infrastructure.

A world-class environment for data centres, Australia boasts some of the highest security systems and protocols along with strict compliance laws and ISO certifications.

If your Singapore business or venture is in need of expansion, choosing to host your Cloud operations with data centre operators in Australia can help drive your success.

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A fast-growing economy.

Australia continues to experience unprecedented growth in its internet and telecommunications sector. Additionally, a significant portion of data centres in Australia feature state of the art solutions, 24/7 on-demand support, a high-speed network, and a workforce of experienced NV1-trained and certified engineers.

With a host of flexible and customisable solutions, find out why Macquarie Data Centres are the solution for all your global infrastructure management requirements.

We provide customisable solutions.

Reduce your risk of a data breach and customer loss by choosing to expand your IT infrastructure in an Australian data centre. We can provide a personalised and customisable solution for anyone located in Singapore, to help your business or venture succeed. Get in touch with your new partners in data centre solutions today!

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International Coverage.

  • International Coverage.

    If you’re a UK-based business looking to build on your international expansion, our Australian-based data centre might be a benefit.

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  • United States

    Our data centers are purpose-built to meet stringent global enterprise. Find out why choosing Macquarie Data Centres is the right choice.

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Singapore Coverage FAQs.

Australia is home to some of the top data centres in the Asia-Pacific. Many of the best data centres are located within New South Wales and the nation’s capital of Canberra. Macquarie Data Centres have multiple locations in either hub, harnessing the benefits of a booming ICT population that hosts the nation’s major key players within the tech and communications industry.

For any business that wants to target the Australian audience, choosing a data centre that is located in Australia ensures that you get high server response times, helping to increase organic traffic and improve your website’s user performance.

For Singapore-based customers who need a secure and top-performing hub to host their critical data, simply contact us and we can help you to tailor a data centre solution for your needs.

With a team of local experts and engineers skilled in working alongside Federal government agencies, you can trust that your data will be protected with the strictest security protocols and around-the-clock tech support.

Yes, you can use an Australian data centre if you are located in Singapore.

People who are searching for offshore data centres to host their cloud computing may be looking to break into a new market or utilize a robust data management company that can keep up with their business growth and demand.

The Australian market is one of the most competitive, and the range of data hosting solutions available makes it easy to scale your infrastructure as needed. From micro to hyperscale data centres and colocations, Singapore-based customers are at an advantage when it comes to choosing a tailored solution that allows them to enjoy one of the largest growing ecosystems of service providers in Australia and the world.

Macquarie Data Centres is home to data centres across Sydney & Canberra, with direct connectivity to Australia’s top markets and foreign multinationals including ICT firms such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix.

When you choose an Australian-based data centre, you are getting:

  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Carrier-neutral services
  • The highest level of security and compliance
  • Sovereign, purpose-built facilities designed for hyperscale, global multinationals, and government
  • Reliable networks and commercial agility

Macquarie Data Centres provide purpose-built facilities designed to offer solutions for anyone anywhere in the world.

For our Singapore customers, you can benefit from a dedicated on-demand support team that is there for you 24/7. We offer Singapore customers their own dedicated toll-free hotline along with an online chat tool and a contact form so that you can reach us anytime, anywhere.

On the ground, you can have peace of mind knowing that our dedicated tech team work around the clock to tend to any issues or demands you might require. Our data centres also possess a highly sophisticated intruder resistant system, ensuring your data is always safe.